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City Council Approves Ordinance Of Appointing Deputy Mayor In A 4 to 2 Vote

It has not yet been announced by the city who will be fulfilling the Deputy Mayor role.

(Madison, Ind.) – Mayor Courtney received the approval during last night's City Council meeting to appoint a member of the cities staff to be the Deputy Mayor.

With this appointment, it will allow for the city to have a seamless transition if there were to be an emergency to where Mayor Courtney would no longer be able to fulfill his term. During the council meeting on December 22, Mayor Courtney gave three scenarios in which Deputy Mayor would take over.

Those scenarios are as follows:

Scenario 1: Absence, illness, or inability of executive:

  • It is not my intent to arbitrarily delegate my authority to the Deputy Mayor for a casual absence such as a vacation or weekend away. In this context, an “absence” or “inability” focuses on situations such as a hospitalization or extended illness that prevents me from being able to work. There could be numerous situations that cause this such as the recent COVID-19, or surgery, or an accident.

Scenario 2: Incapacitation

  • Incapacitation is to be legally incapable of carrying out the duties as Mayor. One example would be having a car accident that leaves the Mayor with a brain injury. In this example, the mayor is unable to affirmatively make the delegation of duties to the Deputy Mayor. So, the council president would have to file a written statement with courts to have the Mayor deemed incapacitated. If the court agrees, the deputy mayor would assume the mayor's authority.
    • The conveyance of this authority is (a) the time when the Mayor becomes capable of performing his duties or (b) six months. If the six-month time frame is exhausted a vacancy is declared.

Scenario 3: Vacancy in Office:

  • A vacancy in office occurs for the following reasons: (a) death, resignation, or removal; (b) ceases to be a resident; (c) convicted of a felony; (d) unable to discharge duties for six months. In the event of a vacancy, the deputy mayor becomes interim mayor until the party of the officeholder holds a caucus. The caucus must be held within 30 days or the court fills the vacancy.

Council approved this ordinance in a 4 to 2 vote.

It has not yet been announced by the city who will be fulfilling the Deputy Mayor role.


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