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Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter Pets Of The Week

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 5:53 AM

By Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter

Don't forget the Shelter Angel Tree

I'm a beautiful gal with long silky fur.
You'll find me in the lobby either strutting my stuff or sitting very pretty in my cage so I will catch your attention.
I just can't get enough attention!
I also love to explore and will go off on my own, but will be back for snuggles shortly after. 
I'm a very clean cat here at the shelter and plan to be in my new home too.
You'll know if I don't like my food though. I'll move my food dish around looking for the better food.
I appear to have a preference for canned Salmon varieties.
I'm considered a Tabico. That's a Calico with Tabby stripes. Then I have the white patches to really set off my coloring.
I'm only 2- to 3-years-old and will light up your holidays.
I'm $45 OFF my adoption and spay fee!
My name is "STORM".
I'm a loving boy who is very affectionate.
The name "Storm" does not reflect my personality. I'll be a great new family member to share the holidays with.
I'm a handsome Boxer mix that loves to play fetch with tennis balls.
I really enjoy squeaky toys too. But you'll need to buy sturdy ones as I look for what is squeaking.
I am very clean in my kennel and appear to be house-trained.
I sit nicely and am ready for a walk when you leash me.
Just be sure to let me know what you want from me so I don't lead you everywhere as I'm still learning how to walk beside you on a leash.
I weigh 46 lbs. but it might seem like more if I'm pulling on my leash.
I will do best without cats or other small animals in the household.
I seem to not like the other male dogs at the shelter, but that could change after I'm neutered. I'm better with female dogs.
Bring your other dog(s) to meet me so we can be sure before you adopt me.
I'm a 4-year-old who likes to have things set up comfortably and prefers an indoor home.
At the shelter, I demand a thick, comfy blanket in my kennel.
I also like bones to chew on to keep me busy.
The staff know when I'm not satisfied with the service here because I stop keeping my kennel cl
My adoption fee is $30 plus the cost of my neuter and rabies vaccination.
Help Jefferson County's Homeless Pets
Our Christmas wish list:
2. Donate your time - visit us & take us for a walk or play with us
3. Donate the following items to the shelter:  Toys, Kitty Litter, Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten Food, Dog Collars, Leashes, Pine-Sol, Dawn Dish Soap, Tweezers, Paper Towels, Aluminum Cans for Recycling, Gas Gift Cards, and Cash Donations.
Help Jefferson County's Homeless Pets
Our Christmas wish list:
2. Donate your time - visit us & take us for a walk or play with us
3. Donate the following items to the shelter: 
Puzzle Toys - sturdy build please, our big guys like to chew
Toys--Especially strong dog toys like Kong, Orka, Nylabones. And feathered or catnip toys for the cats.
Kitty Litter--basic clay, not the more expensive scoopable or clumping
Food--Puppy & Kitten dry or canned food.
Treats--Soft treats for dogs & cats
Dog Collars--Medium-sized collars are the most used. Hatfield Control Collars (available online at Walmart) are a favorite. Otherwise metal clasps are preferred for strength.
Leashes--strong leashes are preferred.
Pine-Sol - the original kind
Dawn Dish Soap - the original kind
Tweezers--with strong points
Paper Towels
Aluminum Cans for Recycling--the money is used for the shelter animal medical fund.
Gas Gift Cards--Helps to offset costs of transferring unadopted pets to other adoption agencies.
Cash Donations--always useful for medical needs for injured/sick pets, spaying & neutering, supplies, building updates & maintenance.
As of November 1, new pricing is in effect at the shelter.
Dogs and Cats are $30 plus prepayment of their spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.
Cats who are already spayed/neutered are $45 plus prepayment of their rabies vaccination if it is needed.
Dogs who are already spayed/neutered are $55 plus prepayment of their rabies vaccination if it is needed.
The total cost of the spay/neuter and rabies vaccination varies depending on the veterinarian or clinic chosen. 
Cats and kittens are $45 off their adoption and spay/neuter fees courtesy of the shelter and the Jefferson County Humane SocietyCats who are already neutered or spayed are $45 and not part of the special.
  • The shelter accepts both STEEL and ALUMINUM cans. The funds made with recycling go into our medical fund. Please rinse out the steel cans well (we don't want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans. Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter - that's to your left when facing the shelter's front door.
  • The shelter is part of the Kroger rewards program. To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter NPO number 63224.
  • Support the shelter every time you walk your dog through the Walk for a Dog cell phone app available at Google Play or the Apple App Store. The shelter is listed asthe Madison-Jefferson Animal Shelter.

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