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Bill To Address Proof Of Mailing Dates Sponsored By Sen. Raatz Passes Committee

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A bill authored by State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond) that would address proof mailing dates unanimously passed the Senate Committee on Local Government yesterday.

Through the United States Postal Service, small and medium-sized businesses can use a cost-effective meter to print accurate postage on mail pieces and proof of payment, while stamps serve as proof of payment for the general public.

Under current laws, metered mail is treated separately from general mail in that it doesn’t receive an updated date and time printed on it when being sorted at the post office. This could result in businesses being held accountable for any delays in the mailing process.

Senate Bill 195 would provide that payment mailed to the county treasurer with metered postage is timely received if: the envelope is properly addressed to the county treasurer, has sufficient metered postage from an approved meter provider by the United States Postal Service; the metered postage is affixed to the envelope and bears the actual date of when it was affixed and that the date listed is on or before the due date, and the envelope is received by the county treasurer no later than five days after the due date.

"County treasurers across the state have a hard time deciphering when metered mail was sent compared to when it is received," Raatz said. "This five-day grace period would keep businesses from being fined for mail that was sent on time and will allow county treasurers to work more efficiently."

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