Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter Pet's Of The Week

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 4:25pm

By Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter

October 22nd

I'm "LEAD".
I need to get out of here!!!
Some dogs just don't do well in a shelter and I'm one of them.
I'm $50 OFF. I'm being sponsored by the staff because they believe in me!
I'm looking for a best friend - a human to be devoted to.
I am very people-oriented and I will listen carefully to try to please you.
I am good-natured and I enjoy being with people. I'm looking forward to having someone that I can bond to.
I'm 1- to 3-years-old and have the handsome German Shepherd Dog coloring on my coat.
PLEASE take me outside for a walk and then meet me in adoption room for staff to talk about my adoption with you.
You'll see a different me than you see when I'm in my kennel run.
I came to the shelter at a bad time. There were lots of aggressive male dogs here and I didn't respond well. 
So, I don't always act like the good boy the staff and volunteers know I am.
I have not messed in my kennel while here at the shelter, so I may be house broke.
I think I'll like training as I like being with you and I listen well.
I will need to learn to heel at your side on leash as I have a high drive personality (that's common for my breed).
I am an independent guy so will be best with an adopter that's familiar with my breed.

For right now, I would be at my very best in a home without other dogs.
I'm especially anxious around smaller breed dogs.
And definitely no cats in my new home.
*Don't plan to tie me out on a cable or chain. A photographer for the shelter found out I panic when cabled and would definitely hurt myself.
My name is "INDIGO".
I am the smartest cat here.
I love when you talk to me as if I was a person because I tilt my head to acknowledge that I understand you!
I am a very unique 7-month-old kitten who has a dog-like personality.
You have to meet me to fully understand.
I love the calm dogs I meet here at the shelter, so would look forward to being part of a pack.
I'm a pretty blue-gray girl who would look great sitting next to you on the couch after a long day! 
You'll have to visit me to see that I have the cutest bobbed tail ever!
I'm $45 OFF my adoption and spay fee.
All cats and kittens that are not already spay/neutered are $45 off.
Courtesy of the shelter and the Jefferson County Humane Society.
Cats and kittens are $45 off their adoption and spay/neuter fees courtesy of the shelter and the Jefferson County Humane SocietyCats who are already neutered or spayed are $45 and not part of the special.

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