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Outstanding job by all ORVC Athletic Teams



Butler Falls Golf Course

Hanover, IN

September 3, 2022


1.       SHAWE MEMORIAL                                        375

2.       MILAN                                                                447

3.       SOUTH RIPLEY                                                504

4.       RISING SUN                                                       537   

          JAC-CEN-DEL                                                   NTS

          SOUTHWESTERN                                            NTS

          SWITZERLAND COUNTY                               NTS 

ORVC Champions                           Shawe Memorial Lady Hilltoppers

ORVC Coach of the Year                 David Hertz – Shawe Memorial

ORVC Mental Attitude Award        Kenna Perkins – Switzerland Co.



Kira Wells      *                                              84                                Shawe Memorial

Yolett Perez                                                   95                                Shawe Memorial

Gia Craig                                                       96                                Shawe Memorial

Bailey Kilgore                                                100                              Shawe Memorial

Lily Williams                                                 101                              Switzerland County

Kayla Walke                                                  101                              Milan

Anna Block                                                    101                              South Ripley

Hannah Sampson                                          106                              Southwestern

Kenna Perkins                                               106                              Switzerland County

* - medalist

                                        2022 ORVC All-Conference Boys Cross-Country Members


Ben Riehle                                       Milan                                                 17:04

Cooper Hon                                     Switzerland County                      17:10

Gabe Riehle                                    Milan                                                 17:21

Ayden Potts                                    Milan                                                 17:49

Joe Drossart                                    Southwestern                                18:21

Nathan Furnish                              Switzerland County                      18:26

Lucas Cooney                                  Milan                                                 18:34

Ethan Markland                             Rising Sun                                        18:39

Sam Fewell                                      Shawe Memorial                           18:41.3

Caden Ream                                    Southwestern                                18:41.6

Hayden Hooten                              South Ripley                                   18:49.0

Nathan Voss                                    Milan                                                 18:49.2

    2022 ORVC Boys Champions                                                            Milan Indians

              2022 ORVC Co-Mental Attitude Winner   Ryan Gorrell                   South Ripley

                                                                             Ashton Crumley         Souhwwestern

  2022 ORVC Coach of the Year                     Brian Potts                                Milan 

                 2022 ORVC All-Conference Girls Cross-Country Members

             Calli Alderman                               Shawe Memorial                           20:26

              Claire Rogers                                  Switzerland County                      20:42

               Shelby Bastin                                  South Ripley                                   21:07

              Olivia Simpson                               Southwestern                                21:12

              Grace White                                    Switzerland County                      21:43

              Victoria Gammons                        Southwestern                                22:01

              Elly Potts                                          Milan                                                 22:30

              Hannah Potts                                  Rising Sun                                        22:43

             Kinsten Long                                   Southwestern                                22:56

           Carrigan Friend                              Rising Sun                                        23:14

          Addison Nussbaum                      Southwestern                                23:41

          Virginia Minch                                South Ripley                                   23:53

 2022 ORVC Girls Champions                                      Southwestern Lady Rebels

2022 ORVC Mental Attitude Winner    Shelby Bastin                       South Ripley

2022 ORVC Coach of the Year              Zac Nussbaum                  Southwestern

2022 ORVC Boys Soccer All-Conference Team

             GAVIN BINION                                           SOUTH RIPLEY

            LEVI CURLIN                                                SWITZERLAND COUNTY

            BRAYDEN DILK                                           SOUTH RIPLEY

            AIDEN FURNISH                                         SWITZERLAND COUNTY

            AIDEN GRIFFITH                                         SWITZERLAND COUNTY

            DAVIS GROTE                                              SHAWE MEMORIAL

            MIZAEL HERNANDEZ-PEREZ                  SOUTHWESTERN

            SALVADOR HERNANDEZ-PEREZ                       SOUTHWESTERN

            JACOB HERTZ                                              SHAWE MEMORIAL

            ERIC LIU                                                        SHAWE MEMORIAL

            DYLAN MARTIN                                         RISING SUN

            LUKE MEYER                                               JAC-CEN-DEL

            CORBIN REAM                                           SOUTHWESTERN

            KOHEN RINEAR                                          MILAN

            WILLIAM STOCKDALE                              SOUTHWESTERN

            COOPER TODD                                           SWITZERLAND COUNTY

            CALEB WHITE                                              JAC-CEN-DEL

            JACOB WILLIAMS                                      SWITZERLAND COUNTY

 2022 ORVC Champions                                                              Switzerland County Pacers

2022 ORVC Mental Attitude Award                 Luke Meyer                          Jac-Cen-Del

2022 ORVC Coach of the Year                            David Todd               Switzerland County

2022 ORVC Girls Soccer All-Conference Team


                        HALLE ARCHER                               SWITZERLAND COUNTY

                        MARIAH BRISON                           SOUTH RIPLEY

                        CAMBRYN BRYANT                      SOUTHWESTERN

                        KEARSTIN CIZEK                             SOUTHWESTERN

                        KIERAN GROOVER                        RISING SUN

                        AVA HONNERT                               MILAN

                        OLIVIA KAVANAUGH                   SOUTH RIPLEY

                        HANNAH KREMER                        RISING SUN

                        MADDIE LEVELL                             SWITZERLAND COUNTY

                        KASSIDY LEWIS                               RISING SUN

                        EMMA PARSONS                          SWITZERLAND COUNTY

                        HAYLEY PIPPEN                              MILAN

                        CLAIRE ROGERS                             SWITZERLAND COUNTY

                        EMMA ROHRIG                              MILAN

                        MACKENZIE TAYLOR                    SWITZERLAND COUNTY

                        ANGEL TUNNY                                SOUTH RIPLEY

                        ALLENA WEAVER                           SWITZERLAND COUNTY

 2022 ORVC Champions                                                     Switzerland County Lady Pacers

2022 ORVC Mental Attitude Award      Kearstin Cizek                              Southwestern

2022 ORVC Coach of the Year                Courtney Dayadharum      Switzerland County

2022 ORVC Volleyball All-Conference Team

             LYDIA CORNETT                                         SOUTH RIPLEY

            JILLIAN GREGORY                                      SWITZERLAND COUNTY

            SIDNEY HALLORAN                                   RISING SUN

            HARLEE HILL                                                SHAWE MEMORIAL

            ALLISON KNOEBEL                                    SHAWE MEMORIAL

            ELLIE LAUBER                                              SOUTH RIPLEY


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