Carroll County High School soccer player invited to play overseas

Trying to raise funds to attend the academy

                                carroll co player

Zachary Richards has played soccer since he was a toddler and now has an opportunity to play on the international stage with the FC Barcelona club in Spain.

The CCHS sophomore attended a summer camp with FC Barcelona in Cincinnati this summer. The camp organizers select players and offer them the opportunity to work with the professional team’s academy in Spain.

“It’s like joining an actual pro team,” Zachary said. “I was really surprised I was chosen because it took so long to be notified.”

The academies are designed to teach technical concepts, the benefits of practicing, promoting teamwork, teach dietary habits and promote the FC Barcelona values, according to the Barca Academy website.

Zachary, who plays a variety of positions including central midfield, center forward, right wing, and left wing for the CCHS varsity team, hopes to one day play professional soccer. He’s excited about the opportunity to meet professionals from FC Barcelona, but knows he will have long days of training ahead of him.

His brother and coach of his travel team, Michael Hall, said Zachary spends a lot of time practicing on his own and is very dedicated to the sport.

“It’s a credit to his work ethic,” Hall said of the offer. “To me, it’s not really any surprise.”

Zachary is in the process of raising the $3,000 for him to attend the academy.

“Zachary is a great player who does a great job in all areas of the game. Zachary’s invitation to the FC Barcelona camp is a reflection of not only his hard work, but also the hard work of the soccer community in Carroll County,” said CCHS Head Coach Kevin States. He noted the efforts of the high school coaches, Brett Hall, Michael Hall, Rob Martin and himself, as well as the grassroots coaches at the local soccer club, River Valley Football Club including Mark Smith and Harry Hatton, have made a difference in the soccer community.

“This is a great accomplishment for Zachary, and a great sign that the work of the soccer community is paying dividends for the students of Carroll County,” States added.


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