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2019 Voter List Maintenance Mailing

Friday, June 21st, 2019 6:23am

By Tabatha Eblen, Jefferson County Clerk

Voter list maintenance to update Indiana’s voter registration information

The Secretary of State’s Election Division is conducting voter list maintenance to update Indiana’s voter registration information. Required by law, the process identifies outdated and inaccurate voter registration information to help counties improve the accuracy and integrity of Indiana’s voter registration list.

The process begins with all Hoosier voters in “active” status receiving a postcard sent by non-forwardable first class mail to their mailing address. The postcard tells voters if they are the addressee on the postcard that no further action is required. If they are not the addressee, they will be instructed to write “No Longer Lives Here” on the postcard and to mail it back.


If the first mailing is returned as undeliverable, a second postcard will be sent to the forwardable address on file with the US Postal Service. The second postcard will ask the voter to confirm or update their residence address or cancel their Indiana voter registration using a postage pre-paid voter response card.


Voters who received a second postcard have until July 27, 2019 to confirm or update their voter information. Voters who do not respond by confirming their current address or updating their information will have their voter registration status changed to “inactive.”


Having an “inactive” status does not mean a voter cannot vote. It simply means a voter did not update or confirm their voter registration address information. The voter will still be eligible to vote in November 2019, if otherwise qualified. If the voter casts a ballot in November 2019 from that address, they will be reclassified as an active voter. If they do not vote in November 2019, they can still vote in the federal elections of 2020 and 2022 or any special election held in 2021, if applicable. A voter’s registration record status will be moved from “inactive” to “cancelled” if the person does not vote in any election prior to January 2023 or fails to update their registration.


A person’s voter registration record is never removed from the statewide voter registration system. Instead, the record is flagged as “active,” “inactive,” or “cancelled.” A status of “cancelled” means the voter’s name is not listed on the Election Day poll list. However, a person with a “cancelled” registration status may qualify for a fail-safe under state law and vote a regular ballot, if the individual makes an oral or written affirmation that the person continues to reside at the registration address noted in the statewide voter registration system and is otherwise eligible.


For additional information, contact Tabatha Eblen at the Clerk's Office, 812-265-7614.


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