Bill protecting minors from sexual predators advances

Designed to protect children in Kentucky

                                     capitol floor

(Story Courtesy of Kentucky Today)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Legislation that is designed to protect children in Kentucky from sexual predators is now on its way to the state Senate after winning unanimous approval in the House on Monday.

House Bill 207, sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Dietz, R-Edgewood, includes bans on importing, possessing or selling child sex dolls as well as the use of computer-generated images of minors in sexual performances, among other provisions. 

In presenting her bill on the House floor, Dietz said, “This closes a loophole that has allowed pedophiles to practice victimization of children and will save countless children from rape and sexual abuse.”

Attorney General Russell Coleman, after the vote was announced, said, “Courageous leaders in the Kentucky House took a unanimous step toward protecting our children from exploitation. We must stop this evil here. Law enforcement and prosecutors must have innovative tools to take on criminals who prey on our kids with AI-generated child sex abuse material and sickening child sex dolls. If we don’t, these predators are likely to escalate to the hands-on sexual abuse of children.”

Last month, Jeremy Murrell, Deputy Commissioner for Counter Exploitation in the Attorney General’s Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) testified before the House Judiciary Committee in support of Rep. Dietz’s bill.

“I’m grateful to Representative Stephanie Dietz for championing this legislation,” Coleman added. “I encourage the Senate to take up this bill without delay so we can immediately protect our children.”

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