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If You Sell Drugs to People from Scott County; You are Going to Jail; No Matter Where You Live

Monday, June 10th, 2019 10:21am

By Scott County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Jerry Goodin

Scott County Sheriff’s Office and LMPD Working Together

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is taking our mission for a “Drug Free Scott County” to the next level. During the drug crackdown over the last several months in Scott County, deputies have been gathering intelligence on where drug dealers and users from Scott County were getting their drugs to bring back to Scott County. One location identified was Louisville, Ky.

The sheriff and deputies began sharing intelligence and working with narcotics detectives from the Louisville Metro Police Department. With the agencies working together, Louisville Metro Police Department detectives, along with their SWAT team, served a search warrant in Louisville on Tuesday. As a result of the search warrant, two people were arrested. During the search detectives located heroin, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, money, and guns, including two assault rifles.

Sheriff Goodin wants dealers and buyers to know that just because you go across state lines does not mean you’er safe to do your drug deals. We will continue to work with the Louisville Metro Police Department and any other agency, in giving them the names, vehicles, and addresses of the people they identify as being from Scott County.

To the dealers, Sheriff Goodin stated, “no matter where you are dealing drugs, you better make sure you check the IDs and license plates. If you are dealing drugs to citizens of Scott County, we are coming after you”.

Sheriff Goodin stated “We are chasing dope and drug dealers, so, wherever you go, we will go as well”.

The above listed subjects were arrested in Louisville by the Louisville Metro Police Department. Charges are as listed on the arrest records above from Louisville. They are alleged to belong to a group of individuals selling controlled substances to residents of Indiana.

This investigation is continuing.

Permission from the Louisville Metro Police Department was gained before releasing the information above.

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