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Press Conference in Carroll Co. This Morning Brings Arrest And New Information On Bones Found In Worthville

Two others could be charged

-UPDATE-  10:30am

A woman is being charged after police said she made a false report about bones discovered under an abandoned trailer in Carroll County.

Carroll County Sheriff Phillip Marshall said the bones were stolen from a building by two people of a person who is a collector of archaeological finds.

The bones were given to Tammy Sculley to use in her fish tank.

Tammy Sculley (Source: News-Democrat)

Sculley was taken into custody on June 5 and charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Two additional people are expected to be charged with burglary. One person will be charged with receiving stolen property.

Marshall said the bones are not recent. They are currently being tested to determine how old they are.


Wednesday, June 6 5:30am

A month after human remains were found under a trailer in Worthville, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office will be holding a press conference this morning at 9am in Carrollton.

In May, the Carroll County Coroner confirmed the bones were human remains.

No information has been released about what could have happened, who the bones belong to or how long they had been there. Officials did say the bones could possibly belong to more than one person.

The remains were found at an abandoned trailer off Faith Street at Worthville Manor. 

On Wednesday, police are expected to make an announcement on an arrest connected to the case. 

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