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Some tips to help prevent heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke

Limit outdoor activities

With excessive heat is expected through Sunday, King's Daughters' Health has some tips to help prevent heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke if you must work outside or choose to be active outside ...

* Drink plenty of water (every 15 minutes) even if you do not feel thirsty; stay hydrated.
* Take frequent rest breaks in a shady area or cool indoor area (if possible).
* Use a spray or water mist as a cooling device. You may also apply cold water to clothing or soak a towel in ice water to cool your skin.
* Wear a broad-brimmed hat, light, loose clothing, neck covering, and sunscreen to protect your skin.
* If you have work or other outside activities planned, schedule your outdoor time for early morning and/or evening when the heat index is likely to be less intense.

WARNING signs of Heat Stroke:
High body temperature (103 F or higher)
Hot, red, dry, or damp skin
Fast, strong pulse
Dizziness / Nausea
Loss of consciousness
CALL 9-1-1 right away - heat stroke is a medical emergency!
Move person to a cooler place; help lower the person's body temperature with cool clothes or cool bath. DO NOT give the person anything to drink.

WARNING signs of Heat Exhaustion:
Heavy sweating
Cold, pale, or clammy skin
Fast, week pulse
Nausea or vomiting
Muscle cramps
Tiredness or weakness
Headache / Dizziness
Fainting (passing out)
Move person to a cool place or indoors; loosen clothing; put cool, wet clothes on body or take a cool bath; sip on water.
Seek Medical Attention is the person (or you) is throwing up, symptoms worsen, or symptoms last longer than an hour.

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