Study Says Indiana Among Best States For Zombie Apocalypse

Indianapolis is a Twinkie Safe Haven

Lots of farmland, plenty of solar panels and a fair amount of guns are earning Indiana a top spot on a new zombie survival list. 

The folks at yesterday released a study on the best places to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

Indiana is one of 14 states where you'd have your best shot at making it. 

A Guide to Surviving America’s Zombie Apocalypse

In addition to ground to grow food and a large number of registered weapons, the study's authors say Indiana's weather and location in the Midwest helped with its ranking. 

California - decidedly NOT a Midwest state - ranked at the top of the "survivability" list.

Meanwhile, the New England states, West Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii came in at the bottom of the survey, with Nevada hitting the bottom of the list. (Though, really, if you're gonna go, why not take your life savings on a trip to Vegas?)

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