Wickey Family Barn Destroyed By Storm

A gofundme has been started in support of sever storm damage.

Photo by Tanner Scudder

(Bennington, IN) - After severe storms came through the area yesterday this is what is left of the Wickey Family barn.

A neighbor of the family explained how the storm “started out calm as come be. No rain, no wind. Then all of the sudden it came out of nowhere”

The neighbor explained how the rain then began to pour down and the wind picked up with it. She said that the neighbor’s house had a funnel cloud right above it. She told Wiki Country that another neighbor, “watched a tornado go right across the field in front of our houses.”

After the storm left the area, they went to check the damage when they found how bad it affected Harvey Wickey’s family.

They lost their barn and all their equipment. They had three horses that were injured and unfortunately one had to be put down due to a broke face and ruptured eye.

There will be a benefit account set up at First Financial Bank for donations. There has been a gofundme in support of the Wickey Family. Harvey’s wife has been battling breast cancer and has recently found out it has spread to her lungs. For information on the gofundme click here.

Photos Provided by Tanner Scudder

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