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Area Sports Report - January 8-9 2021

Results for girls and boys basketball and wrestling.

Friday, January 8, 2021


Christian Academy of Madison defeated Columbus Christian 62-47 in a Southern Roads Conference game.

Madison Cubs 71 Scottsburg 49


Ripley County Tournament

Batesville 63, Milan 24 (Consolation Game) - Makayla Granger-Young led all scorers with 33 points (12-14 FG). Sarah Ripperger added 11 points for the Lady Bulldogs.

Jac-Cen-Del 55, South Ripley 43 (Championship Game) - The Lady Eagles were led in scoring by Paige Ledford (MVP) with 15 points. Kadee Kuhn added 14 points and Annabelle Williams had 11 for JCD. South Ripley was led by L.J. McQueen with a game-high 17 points. Rachel Meyer had 13.


Carroll County Girls basketball was defeated 54 to 51 to Augusta on Friday. Freshman Madie Hicks and Sophomore Courtney Strickland led the Panthers with 10 points each. Regan Matthews had nine rebounds.

Carroll County is now 0-2 in the season.


Saturday, January 9, 2021


Christian Academy of Madison 74 Crothersville 54

Rivertown Classic

Lawrenceburg 50, Switzerland County 41 (Consolation Game) - The Tigers dominated in the paint getting 17 points from Ashton Craig and 14 points from Jackson Bobo with 14 points. Dahya Patel had a strong second half with 11 points. Pacers junior Travis Wrightsman had a game-high 18 points. Ben Hicks added eight points for Switz. Co.

South Ripley 85, Jac-Cen-Del 53 (Championship Game)

Madison Cubs 79 Charlestown Pirates 58


Switzerland County took home the win with a 69 to 9 final score against CAI. The top scorers are Jessie Duvall with 22 points. Maddie Duvall with 16 points, Nora Hankins with 10 points, Hannah Hayes with 8 points, Keirstan Oeffinger with 7 points, Halle Archer with 2 points, Allena Weaver with 2 points. Courtney Higgins with 2 points, Gracie White 1 points.


106: Kelsey Bilz (Madison Consolidated) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Kelsey Bilz (Madison Consolidated) over Forfeit Forfeit (Seymour) (For.)

Semifinals - Rollin Douglas (Floyd Central) over Kelsey Bilz (Madison Consolidated) (MD 12-1)

Cons. Semis - Kelsey Bilz (Madison Consolidated) over Braden Isbell (Jennings County) (Fall 2:18)

3rd Place Match - Kelsey Bilz (Madison Consolidated) over John Stivers (Jeffersonville) (Fall 2:10)


120: Jace Walls (Madison Consolidated) - 2nd

Quarterfinals - Jace Walls (Madison Consolidated) over Ed  Ramirez (Seymour) (Fall 0:59)

Semifinals - Jace Walls (Madison Consolidated) over Robert  Cline (Jeffersonville) (Fall 5:25)

1st Place Match - Lou Knable (Floyd Central) over Jace Walls (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 9-5)


126: Noah Burkhardt (Madison Consolidated) - 2nd

Quarterfinals - Noah Burkhardt (Madison Consolidated) over Brax Huber (Bedford North Lawrence) (Fall 1:34)

Semifinals - Noah Burkhardt (Madison Consolidated) over Bo Wagner (Columbus East) (Fall 3:11)

1st Place Match - Paul King (New Albany) over Noah Burkhardt (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 7-0)


138: Emmett Wilhite (Madison Consolidated) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Tony Ruiz-Tapia (Columbus East) over Emmett Wilhite (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 5:54)

Cons. Round 1 - Emmett Wilhite (Madison Consolidated) over Hunter Morris (Bedford North Lawrence) (Fall 0:23)

Cons. Semis - Emmett Wilhite (Madison Consolidated) over Bradley Owen (Jeffersonville) (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match - Emmett Wilhite (Madison Consolidated) over Tony Ruiz-Tapia (Columbus East) (Fall 3:00)


145: Brayden  Richards (Madison Consolidated) - DNP

Quarterfinals - Alex S (Seymour) over Brayden  Richards (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 4:28)

Cons. Round 1 - RJ Barberis (Jennings County) over Brayden  Richards (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 3-1)


152: Trenton Stockdale (Madison Consolidated) - 5th

Quarterfinals - Trenton Stockdale (Madison Consolidated) over Jaxon Powell (Bedford North Lawrence) (Fall 3:04)

Semifinals - J Conway (Floyd Central) over Trenton Stockdale (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 1:51)

Cons. Semis - Gavin Bateman (Jennings County) over Trenton Stockdale (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 2:32)

5th Place Match - Trenton Stockdale (Madison Consolidated) over Collin Hankins (Seymour) (Fall 1:59)


160: Luke McCarty (Madison Consolidated) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Luke McCarty (Madison Consolidated) over Lalo Bustos (Seymour) (Fall 1:27)

Semifinals - Bray Emerine (Floyd Central) over Luke McCarty (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 5:34)

Cons. Semis - Luke McCarty (Madison Consolidated) over Byron Kyger (Bedford North Lawrence) (Fall 2:03)

3rd Place Match - Ethan Fox (Jeffersonville) over Luke McCarty (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 9-4)


170: Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) over Nathan Eihusen  (Jeffersonville) (Fall 1:09)

Semifinals - Codei Khawaja (Floyd Central) over Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) (MD 12-4)

Cons. Semis - Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) over Brian May (New Albany) (Fall 0:58)

3rd Place Match - Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) over Nathan Eihusen  (Jeffersonville) (Fall 0:45)


182: Drake Youngblood (Madison Consolidated) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Jase Robinson (Floyd Central) over Drake Youngblood (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 4:19)

Cons. Round 1 - Drake Youngblood (Madison Consolidated) over Forfeit Forfeit (Bedford North Lawrence) (For.)

Cons. Semis - Drake Youngblood (Madison Consolidated) over Hector Ruiz (Seymour) (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match - Jase Robinson (Floyd Central) over Drake Youngblood (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 4-0)


195: Dalton Berry (Madison Consolidated) - 2nd

Quarterfinals - Dalton Berry (Madison Consolidated) over Forfeit Forfeit (Seymour) (For.)

Semifinals - Dalton Berry (Madison Consolidated) over Josh Schrader (Columbus East) (Dec 6-1)

1st Place Match - Zane Ortlieb (Jennings County) over Dalton Berry (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 6-3)


220: Dylan  Fulton (Madison Consolidated) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Dylan  Fulton (Madison Consolidated) over F F (Floyd Central) (For.)

Semifinals - Tommy Morrill (Columbus East) over Dylan  Fulton (Madison Consolidated) (MD 9-0)

Cons. Semis - Dylan  Fulton (Madison Consolidated) over Max Brown (Jennings County) (Fall 1:26)

3rd Place Match - Brody Shipley (Seymour) over Dylan  Fulton (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 5-3)


285: Blake Ashby (Madison Consolidated) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Blake Ashby (Madison Consolidated) over Gage Gasper (Jennings County) (Fall 3:07)

Semifinals - Ashton Hartwell (Columbus East) over Blake Ashby (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 2:55)

Cons. Semis - Blake Ashby (Madison Consolidated) over Jacob Lang (Floyd Central) (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match - Charlie Wilson (New Albany) over Blake Ashby (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 2:55)

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