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Bill to Save Lives on Hoosier Highways Travels to Governor's Desk

The legislation aims to increase safety in work zones.

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INDIANAPOLIS – A bill to improve Hoosier highway worksite safety is one step away from becoming law.

State Rep. Jim Pressel (R-Rolling Prairie) drafted House Enrolled Act 1015, which will create a pilot program to place automated speed enforcement cameras in up to four active work zones to deter speeding and save lives.

Citations would be issued to those traveling at least 11 miles over the work zone speed limit with workers present. Civil penalties for offenses caught on camera would include a written warning for the first violation, a $75 fine for the second violation and a $150 fine for a third violation.

Pressel said photos could only be taken of the rear of the vehicle to capture the license plate, and the photos could not be used beyond their purpose of issuing speeding citations unless authorized by court order. In addition, red light cameras will continue to be prohibited as part of this legislation.

At least 10 states have similar programs that are utilized in highway work or construction zones. In Pennsylvania, their automated work zone speed enforcement program has led to a 25 percent reduction of fatal crashes in work zones.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, 31 deaths and 1,426 injuries occurred in work zones last year.

Pressel’s legislation will become law with the signature of Governor Holcomb.

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