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ISTEP test to be replaced for high school students in two years

ILEARN for elementary will begin next year

 Big changes are on the way for standardized testing in your child's school. 

But it won't be as soon as many expected, which is raising some questions.

Jennifer McCormick, state superintendent of public instruction, said students will still take ISTEP, the statewide student achievement test, this year. 

McCormick said children in third through eighth will start to switch to the ILEARN -- Indiana's Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network -- test next year. 

If your children are in high school, they'll have to wait longer for the change.

"The ISTEP high school exam will go on for another two years," McCormick explained.

When asked why Indiana's much-maligned test is staying a while longer, McCormick said it's partly because of graduation requirements and making sure a nationally recognized exam is vetted.

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