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Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter Pets Of The Week

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 6:10am

By Madison-Jefferson Co. Animal Shelter

Help Wiggles with his stress, adopt him

I'm feeling the stress from being cooped in a kennel.
What's worse is that when I get visitors, I'm not acting my silly, wiggly self anymore. So they often don't see the real me.
My name "WIGGLES" suits me well!
I am a 1-year-old pup with lots of playful energy and wiggles.
Do you have a ball? Will you throw it for me? I LOVE to play!!!
I'm quite a character and will make my new family laugh.
I like to explore and get into everything....don't be surprised if you find me standing on your kitchen table.
I'm motivated by treats during training.
I already know sit and will learn other commands quickly to get those treats.
I also walk nicely on a leash.
If I get an afternoon walk here at the shelter, I'll keep my kennel clean overnight.
That means I should be easily house-trained, if I'm not already.
I have to meet other dogs in my household before adoption just to be sure we will get along.
They'll need to be ready for a big puppy.
It will be best to not have cats in my home.
What breed am I? Some see Boxer. Some see Shar Pei. I think I'm uniquely "Wiggles".
I have sponsorships of $30 and $45 to TOTAL $75 OFF my adoption and neuter fees.
The extra $45 is so you can have me neutered quickly by a local vet.
"DIXEN" is my name.
I LOVE to give hugs!!!
So, have your arms out when you meet me.
I'm a sweet, handsome boy and all-around great dog.
I look forward to having a family.
I appear to be fine with other dogs too and will walk nicely past them here at the shelter.
However, it is always best to meet the other dogs in your family to make sure they like me.
I can be a goofy boy who will make you laugh.
Like all dogs, I would benefit from basic obedience training.
I'm a 3- to 5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who weighs 56 lbs.
I'm $30 off my adoption & neuter fees to help me get a home.
Being at the shelter in the winter is no fun.
I want a cozy home and family to love.
As of November 1, new pricing is in effect at the shelter.
Dogs and Cats are $30 plus prepayment of their spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.
Cats who are already spayed/neutered are $45 plus prepayment of their rabies vaccination if it is needed.
Dogs who are already spayed/neutered are $55 plus prepayment of their rabies vaccination if it is needed.
The total cost of the spay/neuter and rabies vaccination varies depending on the veterinarian or clinic chosen.
Cats and kittens are $45 oftheir adoption and spay/neuter fees courtesy of the shelter and the Jefferson County Humane SocietyCats who are already neutered or spayed are $45 and not part of the special.
  • The shelter accepts both STEEL and ALUMINUM cans. The funds made with recycling go into our medical fund. Please rinse out the steel cans well (we don't want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans. Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter - that's to your left when facing the shelter's front door.
  • The shelter is part of the Kroger rewards program. To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter NPO number 63224.
  • Support the shelter every time you walk your dog through the Walk for a Dog cell phone app available at Google Play or the Apple App Store. The shelter is listed asthe Madison-Jefferson Animal Shelter.

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