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The City of Madison Port Authority Announces Railroad Industry Expansion

Partnerships have brought over $3 million in investments to the city


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Madison, Indiana (June 11, 2024) – The City of Madison Port Authority is proud to announce the expansion of three esteemed companies; Road & Rail Services, Red Ball Recycling, First Flare & Repair/ PFL, alongside the attraction of a new company, Railway Excursion Management Company (Railexco), to our thriving industrial landscape. This addition marks the fourth company in two years to call Madison home. Over the last two years, these partnerships have brought over $3 million in investments to the city, leading to the creation of 42 above-average-wage, industrial-centric jobs.

"The persistent and innovative efforts of the Railroad and Port Authority to rebuild the rail line over the past four decades are paying off with the addition of these new rail customers in the City of Madison. Our investments, partnerships, and the support of the City of Madison have been crucial in these companies' decisions to locate and invest here. We are witnessing strong industrial demand for rail in southeast Indiana, and capturing that growth depends on our continued investment, reliable operations, and, most importantly, our commitment to safety," said Adam Robillard, Madison Railroad General Manager.

"Madison's shovel-ready site and existing infrastructure investments played a vital role in Railexco's decision to operate in Madison. It is evident the city is committed to facilitating seamless business operations and fostering a business-friendly environment. This new shop is built with three customers we have already worked with, and we are excited to continue to make a future here," said Scott Jarrett, Railexco Fleet and Operations Director.

Railway Excursion Management Company brings its expertise in supporting passenger rail and excursion operators, enhancing Madison's capabilities to restore and repair excursion-related fleets. The company will make an initial investment of $1 million and hire five employees within 24 months, creating over $250,000 in additional payroll in the community.

Road & Rail Services' expansion further solidifies Madison's position as a key player in railcar repair and bulk transloading. Their initial investment of $189,000 has supported nine employees within the community and is expected to grow to 14. "Longevity in relationships is important to us. As we enter this next chapter in our partnership with the City of Madison, we know there are many great years of growth to come," said Angela Stauffer, Road & Rail Vice President and Business Developer.

Red Ball Recycling's commitment to working with the industry in Madison has provided sustainable recycling solutions for our rail partners and the local community. "Our investment here reflects our belief in the potential of Madison and its people. Together, we will work with our partners to ensure that our facility positively enhances the community," said Bob Coleman, Red Ball Recycling CFO.

Additionally, First Flare & Repair/ PFL is another business that finds Madison Rail a collaborative partner in its tank cleaning and flaring operations.

"We are thankful for the investment these four companies have made in our vibrant community. Their decision to choose Madison for their expansion highlights the city's innovative and business-minded approach to attracting new companies. We look forward to working closely with them to ensure their continued success and to foster mutually beneficial partnerships," said Madison's Mayor Bob Courtney

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