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Madison Schools Install Weather Station

This will be used during the Spring Sports Season when severe weather is in the area

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Madison Schools has new Weather Station that is located between both the Jr. High and High School on the roof of Plant 1 Building in HS Student Parking Lot. 

 You can access both the Weather Station and the Lightning Countdown Clock on the Athletic Website under- "Other Info" Tab


 If you are on the Campus of the JH or HS this is how the Lightning Detector Works-

If we have a lightning strike within 10 miles of our weather station a siren will sound and strobe light will flash. The strobe will continue to flash for the 30 minute duration (30 Minutes is the recommended wait time before returning to activity outside). Once everything is all clear the siren will then again sound for 3 short horn-blasts. If there was another  lightning strike within the 30 minutes the strobe will continue to flash. The countdown clock that is on the website link above will continue to reset after each lightning strike. It also shows the distance that the strike was away. 

 We currently have the Lightning Detector to be active between 7am  to 9pm.

 Just wanted to share this information as Spring Sports are starting to take off. If we had an outdoor event and there was a lightning strike within 10 miles, we would ask that you go back to your vehicles and wait till all clear. You can monitor the all clear by watching the countdown clock from smartphone.


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