Ohio Co. Commissioners Issue Resolution Opposing Link 101 Project

Commissioners support the "no build" alternative.

Ten preliminary alternatives have been selected for further evaluation. File photo.

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – Ohio County Commissioners have expressed their opposition to the Link 101 Project.

This week, Ohio County Commissioners issued a resolution stating “it is our opinion that the existing road network of Ohio County and neighboring counties adequately connects the region.”

In 2021, Governor Eric Holcomb announced $200 million in funding to build a State Road 101 connection between the Markland Dam in Vevay and U.S. 50. Earlier this year, 10 preliminary alternatives were selected for further evaluation.

Ohio County Commissioners believe state funds can be better spent maintaining and repairing existing road, and that increased automobile and out-of-town freight traffic of a proposed new roadway corridor will diminish the distinctive character of Ohio County.

They added that taxpayer and societal costs of the proposed project through Ohio County far outweighs any potential local benefit.

In January of this year, INDOT sought public input regarding the proposed project. It received nearly 300 written comments with over 83 percent opposing a new Link 101 corridor.

Oppositions believe a new road would impact the natural habitat of local wildlife, the natural landscape and farmland.

Proponents of the project say the 101 corridor has the potential to reduce traffic on windy and hilly country roads, and could reduce the wear and tear on county roads, improve emergency response times, and provide straighter routes to various destinations.

For more information about the Link 101 project, visit https://link101corridor.com/

To learn more about Stop Link 101, visit https://stoplink101.com/

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